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Natural Law 1625-1850. An International Research Project (Halle/Erfurt)



“Early-Modern Natural Law in Eastern Europe”

Conference of the Network on Natural Law 1625-1850

Research Centre for Early-Modern Natural Law

Max Weber Centre, Erfurt

21-23 November 2019


In 2019, the Network’s conference is being organised by Gábor Gángó and Knud Haakonssen. The theme is the reception of natural law during the early-modern period in the political cultures to the east of the German Empire. In keeping with the programme of the Network, the conference is inter-disciplinary in its approach and is mainly, but not exclusively, focussed on academic natural law. Natural law in Eastern Europe has only be explored to a limited degree, and the conference will open up for new research by  papers devoted to natural law teaching in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vilnius, Elbląg, Toruń, Prague, Vienna, Tyrnau (Trnava), Sárospatak and Klausenburg (Cluj-Napoca). The particular character of natural law discussions in the different religious and political contexts of Eastern Europe will be highlighted, as indicated by the titles in the programme.


Venue: Max Weber Centre for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies, Steinplatz 2, Erfurt.


Registration: The meeting is free and open for all interested, but we ask you to register by e-mail to Dr. Mikkel Munthe Jensen: mikkel.jensen@uni-erfurt.de


Preliminary Program


Brill Publishers (Leiden) will publish a series of books under the auspices of the natural law project. The series is entitled Natural Law 1625-1850 and the directors of the project serve as general editors. The series is dedicated to the publication of peer-reviewed studies (monographs as well as collections) and critical editions of sources (both published and manuscript materials) in the history of early-modern natural law. While all aspects of natural law in the period may be considered in the series, special emphasis will be given to natural law as an academic subject. The first three titles are in press to appear in the autumn of 2019. Proposals for works to be included may be addressed to either of the general editors.

General editors: Frank Grunert (Frank.Grunert@izea.uni-halle.de), Knud Haakonssen (k.haakonssen@gmail.com), Diethelm Klippel (diethelm.klippel@uni-bayreuth.de).

Advisory board:

Maria Rosa Antognazza, Department of Philosophy, King’s College, University of London
John W. Cairns, Faculty of Civil Law, University of Edinburgh
Thomas Duve, Max-Planck-Institut für europäische Rechtsgeschichte
Ian Hunter, Centre for the History of European Discourses, University of Queensland
Martin Mulsow, Forschungszentrum Gotha, Universität Erfurt
Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger, Lehrstuhl für die Geschichte der frühen Neuzeit, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
Simone Zurbuchen, Section philosophie, Faculté des lettres, Université de Lausanne




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