Universität Erfurt

20 Jahre Kommunikationswissenschaft in Erfurt

Academic Program

Students will participate in two consecutive courses. All classes will be taught in English, with a maximum of 20 participating German and American students and multiple sessions per week. A syllabus of each course will be provided in advance, including the structure of the course, required reading and the grading policy. Students will receive reading material upon arrival. A student evaluation will take place at the end of each course. The work load, examinations and grading policies of all courses have been adjusted to the standards that apply at the participating universities. Please check with your advisor or SPICE coordinator on how to incorporate the courses into your study plan. After successful completion of the program, each student will be provided with an official transcript. All courses will be offered to German students as part of their regular curriculum.

SPICE 2019 - Syllabi

SPICE 2019 is taking place this year from June 14th until August 4th. 
The current year's offering includes the following Courses:

1. Effects of Entertainment Media
2. Communication Ethics
3. Computer-Mediated Communication
4. Global and International Public Relations

Please click on each course to be able to visualize and/or download its syllabus.








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