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Encyclopedia of Law and Economics

Editor:                                                                Publisher: Springer  Jürgen G. Backhaus                                                                                   Assistant Editors:  Arif Rüzgar                                                                                                                       Jona Krützfeld                                                                             


Aims and Scope:

Law and Economics is a research field which has a long tradition in German economics. It was lost after the expulsion of some of the leading economists from Germany during 1933 to 1938, but then revived in Chicago. There are prestige projects like the Journal of Law and Economics and the Journal of Legal Studies. In Erfurt, we publish the European Journal of Law and Economics, which deals with the economic analysis of legal relations, legal provisions, laws and regulations, etc., from the European perspective.
The task is becoming difficult, when like currently in the European Union, the various European jurisdictions meaning different legal cultures collaborate, and the European Commission is interacting into these to harmonize. In the EU they are the Anglo-Saxon legal framework, the German legal framework, which for example also includes Greece, and the Roman legal family: three jurisdictions which have to be covered with one and the same theory. The result is an immediate need, if only for the science, to show for each legal tradition, how in a specific jurisdiction a given problem is solved. This requires a common language and precise definitions to avoid misunderstandings. Therefore such a Encyclopedia of Law and Economics is necessary.


Briefly: In the European Union there are three different legal cultures, the Germanic, the Roman, and the British. Now, the EU strives for harmonization. The Encyclopedia of Law and Economics can be used as a motor in speeding up this harmonization.



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