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European Journal of Law and Economics
Editors: Jürgen G. Backhaus 
Assistant Editor:Till Kellerhoff
Publisher: Springer


Mission of the European Journal of Law and Economics:

The European interventions into economic processes by legislators, courts and regulatory agencies. There is an emphasis on European Community Law and the comparative analysis of legal structures and legal problem solutions in member states of the European Community and in the new European market economies. The editors provide readers with high quality and empirical research in law and economics. Case studies are welcome, as are the analyses of proposed legislation and court cases. The European Journal of Law and Economics also publishes literature surveys, review articles, and book reviews and notes. Finally, important developments and topics in law and economics analysis are being documented and examined in special issues dedicated to that subject. 

Editorial Policy:

The European Journal of Law and Economics is a peer-reviewed, bi-monthly journal. Reviewers are asked to evaluate submissions with respect to both analytical rigor and practical usefulness. Work published here must be original and the analytical results must be reproducible. Authors must be prepared to have their (analytical) work challenged through academic discourse and authors will be given an opportunity torespond to any challenges.

Submissions should be sent to: http://ejle.edmgr.com 

The European Journal of Law and Economics is online available.



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