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Porträt Prof. Dr. Vasilios Makrides

Vasilios Makrides fungiert als "Project Advisor and Member of the Scientific Committee"

Prof. Dr. Vasilios Makrides


Project SOW – Science & Orthodoxy around the World focuses on the dialog between science and religion in the Orthodox Christian world. More than 50 specialists from 15 countries participate from various academic fields such as Science, Philosophy, History, Theology and Education. It reaches out to all relevant scholars, researchers specializing in the study of Science & Religion throughout the world, as well as a wider audience with an interest in issues that arise from the relation of sciences with faith. SOW’s actions are presented through this web portal, three large international conferences with parallel workshops and proceedings volumes, two separate workshops, public lectures, one documentary and 45 peer-reviewed articles.

SOW aims at establishing a permanent platform of dialog on an international level between scientists and Orthodox thinkers, sparking a wider dialog, which, although existing, is not so apparent globally, and at bringing the Orthodox Christian world into the spotlight of Science & Religion studies throughout the world. SOW also aims at collecting, recording and presenting the views and positions that constitute today’s science-and-religion dialog in Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Georgia, as well as the United Kingdom, the United States of America, France and Australia through a special open-access database and a collection of personal interviews on digital media.

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