Universität Erfurt

Projekt von Dr. Felix Racine

Classical Geography in a Changed World. Editing and Teaching Solinus in the 16th and 17th Centuries

I will examine early printed editions of the Roman geographer Solinus to identify strategies employed by editors to make his outdated geographical text relevant to 16th-century and 17th-century readers. I will make use of the 23 early modern editions or commentaries on Solinus’ Collectanea rerum memorabilium (Miscellany of Memorable Things) held at the Forschungsbibliothek Gotha to assess Solinus’ enduring popularity in this period, as well as evolving attitudes of editors and readers toward ancient geographical knowledge. This project will notably examine the editors’ choice to publish Solinus’ together with other ancient geographical texts. I will also analyse the editors’ use of maps to illustrate the Collectanea, which produced a tension between the ancient text and modern cartographic knowledge. Particular attention will be paid to Andreas Reyher’s 1665 edition of Solinus and the place held by ancient geography in Reyher’s pedagogy.




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