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Projekt von Dr. Gábor Gángó

G. W. Leibniz’s 1669 Specimen Polonorum in Polemical Context

Dr. Gábor Gángó

With the present project my aim is to retrieve the polemical context of G. W. Leibniz’s 1669 pamphlet written for the Polish king election (Specimen Polonorum). In the notes of the 1983 edition of the Akademie Ausgabe Margot Faak, continuing Paul Ritter’s work, achieved meticulous work by clarifying philological questions concerning its genesis, authorship, and the sources quoted in Leibniz’s text. My question concerns the particular book against which Leibniz, without any direct reference to it, argued and which, consequently, basically determined the structure and the intentions, scientific or political, of the Specimen Polonorum. This is Andrzej Olszowski’s Censura candidatorum sceptri Polonici (1669), a work which remained hitherto out of the scope of Leibniz scholars. On the basis of Baron Johann Christian von Boineburg’s library which was in Mainz in 1668 and 1669 within Leibniz’s reach I intend to detect the full impact the Censura candidatorum exerted on Leibniz’s pamphlet. Beyond this, my goal is to reconstruct the debate between the partisans of the Pfalzgraf Philipp Wilhelm von Neuburg and those of Charles, Duke of Lorraine preceding the election: A debate of which the polemic between Leibniz and Olszowski formed only one of its chapters. As a result, we will be in a better position to evaluate the significance of the Specimen Polonorum in the intellectual formation of the young Leibniz.




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