Universität Erfurt

Projekt von Dr. Izabela Bogdan

The Routes to Musical Understanding. Protestant Music Education in the Context of the 16th and 17th Century Social, Religious and Cultural Life of German Speaking Territories

The aim of my project is to analyze the extant German, Latin and Latin-German music instruction books and treatises intended for school use, focusing on changes that affected the ways of defining and understanding musical issues depending on the language used and, more specifically, words and phrases applied. Moreover, Luther’s writings, forewords to songbooks, dedications and prefaces to music instruction books and treatises will offer me an insight into processes of conceptualizing musical issues that took place in the course of the 16th and 17th centuries. As a result, I intend to (re)construct the metaphorical image of music shared by the Protestants at that time. Furthermore, I plan to examine, in a comparative perspective, comparing music treatises in use in various Protestant schools of the Reformation period, an overall structure and content of music instruction books, methods applied to define and clarify musical phenomena as well as musical repertoire and mechanisms of its dissemination and reception.




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