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Projekt von Dr. James Christopher Lees

Frederick and Augusta, Prince and Princess of Wales, and the Holy Roman Empire, c 1736–1772

The transition from the militaristic George II to the domestic George III signified a watershed in the evolving image of the Georgian monarchy. Scholars are now increasingly recognizing that Frederick and Augusta, Prince and Princess of Wales, represented a crucial link in this process. This research project will explore a completely new aspect of their court via their contacts in the Holy Roman Empire. It will pursue this avenue firstly through an examination of how the dynastic links between Britain, Hanover and Gotha were represented in the court and popular culture in London and Gotha. Secondly, it will investigate Augusta’s contacts with the court of Gotha and Frederick’s contacts with other German courts, including Bavaria and Prussia, through their ambassadors in London. My project will contribute to our focus on the political culture of German and European courts and the European Enlightenment. It will advance our understanding of the dynastic links and the inter-generational evolution of the Georgian monarchy, while also contributing to the renewed scholarly interest in the European dimension of 18th-century British history.




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