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Projekt von Julia Lillie M.A.

Taking Refuge in Print: Exiled Protestant Engravers from the Southern Netherlands in Cologne and the Circle of Johannes Bussemacher, 1585-1615

My dissertation investigates a network of Protestant engravers from the Netherlands who fled religious persecution and established themselves in Cologne in the 1580s, bringing innovation to the city’s print culture.  Emphasis is placed on the collaboration between the local German Catholic publisher, Johannes Bussemacher (active c. 1580-1616), and Matthias Quad (1557-1613), a German-Netherlandish reformed engraver, author and geographer.  The maps and atlases made by the pair, often written in German, helped to spread knowledge of the world beyond Europe to German-speaking audiences.  The project will provide a nuanced analysis of the understudied print culture of Cologne, and offer new insights on networks of knowledge exchange in early modern Europe.

During my time at the Gotha Research Library, I will consult a wide array of printed material from late-sixteenth century Cologne, which together pertain to several different areas of my dissertation.  I will consult the excellent collection of sixteenth century historical texts concerning religious conflicts in Cologne, written from multiple perspectives.  These include accounts by the Catholic author Michael Eytzinger (c. 1530-1598) and the reformed printer Peter Keschedt (d. 1607).  I will also continue my ongoing study of the books and atlases by Matthias Quad from 1600 onward, including an influential world atlas made with Bussemacher, Geographische Handtbuch (Cologne, 1600). Further, I will investigate the network surrounding Quad and Bussemacher by exploring an extensive group of illustrated books and atlases published by Frans Hogenberg, who was a leader in the community of exiled Netherlandish artists in Cologne. Albums of prints by these artists will provide insight on the collecting practices of local buyers.


Julia Lillie is a PhD Candidate at the Bard Graduate Center (BGC), New York, where she studies the print culture of early modern Northern Europe. She received a BA in Art History and Modern History from the University of St. Andrews (2008) and an MA from BGC (2014). She was formerly a Collections Manager in the Department of Drawings and Prints at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.



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