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Kai Brodersen

CV of failures

(for a regular CV go to CV short)

Unsuccessful applications (did not get beyond the shortlist)

  • Bamberg (C4; 2001)
  • Erlangen (C 3; 1996)
  • Greifswald (C 3; 1996)
  • St. Andrews/Scotland (chair; 1997)
  • Christchurch/NZ (chair; 1998)

Offered chair not accepted (because of incompatible pension arrangements)

  • Newcastle upon Tyne (chair; 1999)

Unconfirmed election to become Rector (Council elected, Senate did not confirm)

  • Tübingen (2005)

Returned Fellowships

  • Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington DC (Trustees for Harvard University), Junior Fellow for 1996/97 - returned for the Mannheim Chair
  • Heisenberg-Stipendium, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, from 1996 - returned for the Mannheim Chair
  • Wissenschaftskolleg Greifswald, Senior Fellow 2008/09 - returned for the Erfurt presidency (but see regular CV for 2019/20)
  • British School at Athens, Fellowship 2009 - returned for the Erfurt presidency
  • Polonsky Fellowship, University of Oxford 2018 - returned because of ill health (see below)

Rejected Funding Applications

  • Akademie-Antrag "Raumbilder - Bildräume" (shortlisted, but ultimately rejected 2014)
  • Fritz Thyssen Stiftung Conference Philostratoi (2018)
  • British Academy Global Professorship (2018)
  • Thüringer Forschungspreis (shortlisted, but ultimately not awarded 2019)
  • et al.

Rejected Book Projects

  • Melania - The Lives of Two Female Saints (considered by two different publishers as too "boring")
  • Herodotus VIII and IX, Greek and German (to complement the seven volumes already published;  now published as a mere translation)
  • et al.

Dissertations co-supervised, but unfinished over a decade later

  • Die Antike im Kinderbuch (Mannheim, 2005)
  • Giftmord in der römischen Antike (Mannheim, 2005)

Failing health

  • Morbus Berger (aka IgA Nephropathy), a degenerative kidney disease ultimately leading to the necessity of dialysis (diagnosed Erfurt, 2012)
  • Surgery on the colon (twice) converting me into a semicolon (Erfurt, 2018/9)

Unwritten book

Unfinished books (as yet)

  • see the page with the optimistic title  projects.

Note to young scholars in a hurry (cf. Cornford 1908, 3)

Thuringian Law stipulates that Professors born in 1958 retire in the term in which they complete their 66th year. Sub conditione Iacobaea the Erfurt Chair will thus be vacated at the end of the summer term 2024 and is scheduled to be re-advertised about a year before that.



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