Universität Erfurt

Tobias Greiff, M.A. (Forschung)

My primary field of interest lies in combining ideas from discursive psychology with symbolic-politics approaches. In doing so I am trying to generate new gateways into complex narrative structures with the hope of providing alternative perspectives from a grassroots focus into local, generational as well as cultural dynamics positioning groups in the social realm of conflicts.

Extending my original symbolic politics approach outlined in "Identität und Anspruch: Die Funktionen von Symbolen in Bosniens Friedensprozess [Identity and Truth Claims: The Functions of Symbols in Bosnia's Peace Process], Marburg: Tectum Publishers 2011" through an in depth focus on competing moral orders underlying central places today, my forthcoming project "Powerful Places [working title]" tries to provide new ideas through which an increase in tensions between opposing parties can not only be understood, but maybe – this is the hope – even detected before open violence occurs.

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