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Seminar MUN

Each winter term we offer a seminar in preparation for the final conference  NMUN in NYC. This seminar is listed as a StuFu course named „Model United Nations“ and participants can gain 6 credit points. We encourage students in higher semesters and/or Master students to apply for our seminar as well. 

During these Model UN simulations participants take on the roles of individual member states of the United Nations and discuss global issues in various committees of the United Nations. During the final conference in NYC participants usually represent one country as a group. 

In order to be adequately prepared for such a task, delegates (participants) focus on several key issues such as: 

- the country assignment (its culture, political environment, geography, history etc.)

- diplomacy 

- rhetorical skills 

- negotiation skills and 

- the United Nations system.

Participants meet on a weekly basis together with the organization team as well as the lecturers (Team) to discuss the above mentioned topics during the seminar, which is held in English. Furthermore, the team attends various workshops and preparatory simulations in Germany such as EfMUN and GerMUN.

Participants do receive credit points for their work and submit position papers for the individual conferences, which will be graded. Additionally, the delegates' performance during the conferences will be assessed. The participation in the final conference NMUN  in NYC is encouraged, however, it is not obligatory to attend the conference.

Finally, during the summer term of 2016 we have offered an additional course, which prepared participants for the final conference National Model United Nations in Kobe, Japan. Due to the high interest in our program we have decided to offer additional courses during each summer term. In 2017 we will offer a course in preparation for the NMUN conference held in Banff National Park, Canada.

Furthermore, to add a regional conference, we further offer a seminar, which prepares participants for the conference GiMUN in Geneva, Switzerland. This conference is being held at the UN buildings in Geneva. 



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