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English Café

During the semester, the English Café for conversation practice will take place on Mondays from 17.00 to 19.00 in Hörsaal 7 (the café next to the Mensa).

WRITING LAB (for English)

WRITING LAB will be offered again this semester, and tutors are there to:

    - check your writing task for problems (and find solutions;
               tutor does not correct, but rather point out)

    - listen to your talk or presentation  ( on a USB stick with you bringing
           the  talk on a stick, and the two of you listen to it together)

    - go over a presentation or talk with you
    - listen to your ideas re a presentation
    - listen to you read a text  (pronunciation practice)
    - listen to your reading (from an article) on a USB stick (you bring
           the reading or talk on stick, and the two of you
           listen to it together)

WRITING tasks are to be typed and at 1.5 line-spacing (Zeilenabstand).  No handwritten papers please!


Schedule: Please sign up beforehand at the SLZ.

Mon: 12noon-6pm

Tues: 10am-4pm 

Wed: 10am-5pm

Thurs: 9am-6pm

Fri: 10am-1pm




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