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Studierende am Eingangsbereich der Universität Erfurt
Student der Universität Erfurt
Studierende der Uni Erfurt

The University of Erfurt offers around 50 bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes (BA/MA). Bachelor’s students choose one major and one minor subject. Nearly all subjects can be combined freely. All BA courses include a foundation stage, during which students attend interdisciplinary lectures to learn methodologies and key skills and gain practical experiences with a career focus.

From the very first semester, every new student is assigned a professor as a personal mentor. Examinations take place throughout the year, replacing the traditional finals. After three years, successful students acquire a bachelor’s degree, their first academic qualification. They can then proceed directly to a career in their chosen field.

Alternatively, they have the option of embarking on a master’s degree and/or doctorate to deepen their subject expertise or develop a professional specialism. The University also offers a range of other advanced courses and auditing opportunities to promote life-long learning.

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