University of Erfurt

Studying at the University of Erfurt

Guest students / Auditing

The University offers interested members of the public the possibility to join courses. Refugees are invited to make use of this offer.

Guest students can join those courses that are described as lectures (Vorlesung=V) in the academic schedule. Some lectures will be offered in English. These lectures will be published in a separate schedule. Practical courses being language, art, music and sport classes are not open for guest students.

Guest students are not allowed to take examinations and will not receive a certificate of participation.

Applications for auditing must be submitted at the Department 1 “Studium und Lehre” of the University of Erfurt at the beginning of the semester. A fee of 50 Euro must be paid in a lump sum. For refugees with valid residence authorisation or residence permit who hand in their application as a guest student directly at the Department 1 “Studium und Lehre” the fee will be waived.

Guest students will receive a card confirming their status. On enquiry this card should be shown when participating in the lectures.



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