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Studying at the University of Erfurt


Students who decide to discontinue their studies (besides a leave of absence) or who have completed all degree requirements should formally end their student status by “exmatriculating” or officially withdrawing from the university.

This also applies when transferring to another university, as enrollment at the new university is often only possible upon submission of proof of exmatriculation from the last university attended.

The form for requesting exmatriculation is available at the registrar’s office (“Studium und Lehre” department) and must be submitted to the same. Exmatriculation requests may be submitted at any time. Please indicate the date at which your student status should end. This date must lie between the date of submission of the form and the end of the semester.

The university will confirm the request by giving or sending the student written proof of exmatriculation.

In the event that a student has not registered for the semester and has not requested exmatriculation, the department “Studium und Lehre” will exmatriculate the student by right of office.



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