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Music Mediation: Bachelor

Musikvermittlung an der Uni Erfurt
Musikvermittlung an der Uni Erfurt
Musikvermittlung an der Uni Erfurt

Degree Profile

  • Begin of studies: winter semester
  • Duration: 6 semesters
  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B. A.)
  • Structure: full time or part time
  • Faculty: Faculty of Education
  • Tuition fees: none (only administrative charges)
  • Admission limits: nc-free

Course Details

In the Music Mediation program, students will acquire basic knowledge of music science and music theory and learn practical skills and abilities related to music. A survey of music history is complemented by the option to specialize in certain musical eras. Students will also learn to analyze sound excerpts of various types and genres of music.

Possible combinations (German only)

The detailed rules of combining majors and minors can be found on the overview page for each program.

Information for teacher education students

Please note: Aptitude test is required

[Information only in German available:]
Für die Studienrichtung Musikerziehung gibt es eine Eignungsprüfung (EP), in der Sie Fähig- und Fertigkeiten sowie Kenntnisse aus folgenden Bereichen nachweisen müssen:

  • Musizierpraxis
  • Musiktheorie und Gehörbildung
  • Singen und Sprechen
  • Instrumentalspiel
  • Musikalische Erfahrung

Die Termine finden Sie auf der folgender Seite.


Information on application deadlines, procedures, admission and enrolment can be found at:

Continuing on to a master program

After earning a bachelor’s degree in the field of Music Mediation, you are eligible to apply for a master program leading to a teaching degree in primary or secondary education.

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