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The University of Erfurt introduced the Bologna process in 1999; a series of reforms aimed at transforming its higher education program into one that offers Bachelor and Master degrees upon graduation. Now successfully implemented, students are able to graduate more quickly, receive ample professional training during degree programs, and can easily transfer between both domestic and foreign institutions. The structure of the new system can be found below.

Level 1: In a Bachelor program, students earn their first degree in their field of choice in six to eight semesters. The prerequisite for enrollment in a Bachelor program is a high school diploma (German: Abitur). The program consists of components:

  • Main subject (Major)
  • Subsidiary subject (Minor)
  • Interdisciplinary studies (Studium Fundamentale)General Education Classes (Studium Fundamentale)

Level 2: A Master program is the next level of academic degree and can only be commenced after completion of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Master programs can be completed in two, three, or four semesters. Master programs are taught in German, unless otherwise indicated.

In addition, the University of Erfurt offers a Magister degree (equivalent to a bachelor’s and master’s combined) in Catholic Theology and a number of continuing education programs.

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