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What is a Bachelor’s degree?

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A Bachelor of Arts or Science is the first academic degree that qualifies students for work in their chosen fields or to pursue an advanced degree. Students typically complete a Bachelor degree in six semesters.
The layout of the program consists of:

  • a Major and
  • a Minor (students may select nearly any combination of disciplines when choosing their major and minor)
  • and General Education Classes (Studium Fundamentale).

In General Education Classes, students acquire methodical skills, key competences, and have the opportunity to gain relevant professional experience. Instead of the traditional final examination, students earn credits toward their degree throughout their studies.

Typical duration of studies: 6 semesters (2 semesters [1 year] referred to as the Orientation Phase and 4 semesters [2 years] referred to as the Qualification Phase)

Bachelor-Programs at University of Erfurt

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