University of Erfurt

Religious Studies: Bachelor Studies

Degree Profile

  • Begin of studies: winter semester
  • Duration: 6 semesters
  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B. A.)
  • Structure: full time or part time
  • Faculty: Faculty of Philosophy
  • Tuition fees: none (only administrative charges)
  • Admission restrictions: no restricted admission

Course Details

The objective of the Religious Studies program is to impart to students the knowledge and practical experience necessary to assess and analyze religions, religiously motivated movements, and intercultural conflicts in modern society. The subject areas primarily cover the major religious traditions in European history, especially Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and European polytheisms.

Possible combinations (German only)

The detailed rules of combining majors and minors can be found on the overview page for each program.

Study Abroad

The International Office assists you in organizing the stay abroad.

Information for teacher education students

  • School subject: Ethics
  • Teaching post: Primary school (Grundschule), secondary school (Regelschule) and vocational training schools (berufsbildende Schulen)

Entrance requirement

general qualification for university entrance

Admission limits

  • nc-free


Information on application deadlines, procedures, admission and enrolment can be found at:

Appplication Deadline: Applications are accepted from 1 June to 30 September.

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