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Master Programs: Master Programs at the University of Erfurt

What is a Master’s Degree?

If you have already earned an academic degree such as a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or a German Magister or Diplom, you are eligible to earn a Master´s degree (four semsters).  Similar to the Bachelor programs, Master programs are structured in a modular fashion. Graduates holding a Master’s Degree are eligible to apply for Ph.D. programs at universities in Germany and abroad. Master programs are classified in three ways:

  • as consecutive (meaning that they deepen one’s knowledge acquired in a bachelor program in the same discipline);
  • non-consecutive (meaning they do not build on a specific bachelor’s degree);
  • and continuing education (meaning they require one or more years of professional experience for admission).

Academic Master Programs that build on prior knowledge in a given field

Master programs are taught in German, unless otherwise idicated.

Duration: typically four semesters of full-time study

Practically-oriented master programs in the field of education: Master of Education

Additional information about our certificate programs – Vocational Education Studies, Human Resources Work, and continuing education fields (Art; Catholic Religious Education; Economics, law, and social Sciences; English Studies; German Studies; History; Mathematics; Music Education; Philosophy; Physical Education; Protestant Religious Education; Religious Studies; Romance Studies; Slavic Studies; can be found here:



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