University of Erfurt

Collections-Based History of Knowledge and Culture: Master Program

Degree Profile

  • Degree: Master of Arts (M. A.)
  • Begin of studies: winter semester
  • Duration: 4 semester (120 ECTS-credits)
  • Faculty: Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Catholic Theology and Faculty of Economics, Law and Social Sciences
  • Accreditation: first accredited by ACQUIN
  • Structure: consecutive and research-oriented
  • Tuition fees: none (only administrative charges)

Course Details

The Master of Collections-Based History of Knowledge and Culture is a two-year interdisciplinary degree program referring to scientific collections and the historical books of the University of Erfurt and the research institutions and collections of Gotha. The M.A.-program enables its graduates to critically reflect on systematic and historical aspects of these and other collections as well as the cultural practice of collecting und and collections research.

The Master's program imparts historical knowledge, methods and concepts of auxiliary sciences of history, of museum and archive studies and of constitutional law and public administration. It also qualifies graduates for working with collections.

Career Prospects and Employability

The Master's program is designed for young academics and professionals who wish to do research or who pursue a career in collections e.g. in museums, in archives, in libraries, in projects for implementation and presentation of collections by digital media.


The Master of Collections-Based History of Knowledge and Culture is completed in a threesemester study phase (90 LP) in five out of nine modules with 18 credit-points each. The students are required to take module M 01 in the first year. In the field of the elective compulsory courses they have to sign up module M 04 or M 05. A second elective compulsory course can be chosen freely, but no module can be signed up twice.

Compulsory modules:

M 01 P History, theory and practice of collecting 18 CP
M 02 P Propaedeutics 18 CP
M 03 P Internship 18 CP

Elective compulsory modules:
M 04 WP History of cartography and global history 18 CP
M 05 WP History of knowledge and science 18 CP
M 15 WP Spaces of knowledge 18 CP
M 16 WP Art history and theory / Philosophy 18 CP
M 17 WP History and theology of Christianity in the Middle Ages and the early modern period 18 CP
M 18 WP Constitutional law and public administration 18 CP

The fourth semester is reserved for writing the Master's thesis (30 CP).


Information on application deadlines, procedures, admission and enrolment can be found at:

Application Deadline: Applications are accepted from 1 April to 15 July.



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