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English and American Studies

English and American Studies Introduced

What is English and American Studies?

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The major or minor subject English and American Studies deals with the language, literature and culture of Anglophone countries and comprises the acquisition of scientific fundamentals, practical skills and intercultural competences.

The BA course is subdivided into linguistics, literature, language practice as well as culture and history of Anglophone countries. Linguistics imparts knowledge about the structure and usage of the English language as well as capacities of its analysis. In literary studies, knowledge about Anglophone literatures of the 19th and 20th century is asquired as well as the ability to analyse texts scientifically and to place them within literary history. In practical language classes, a proficient and stylistically adequate use of English at an advanced level is developed, both in the written and spoken medium.

Where can I work with a degree in English and American Studies?

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One field of activity is teaching at different schools and colleges.

Moreover, many graduates of English and American Studies work in the following industries:

  • Tourisms
  • Translation (interpreting, translating)
  • Publishing (editorial department)
  • Documentation and archiving (libraries)
  • Journalism (print media, news agencies)
  • Radio and television (editing, writing)
  • Public relations (PR agencies, consultancy)
  • Marketing and advertising (copywriter)
  • Diplomacy (NGOs, embassies)
  • Politics (parties, associations)



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