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Staff of English and American Studies

Academic Staff

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Academic Staff of English and American Studies
Saeid Aliyoun
English and Applied LinguisticsLG4/E234323
Matthias AltmannLanguage and its Structure (English Linguistics)MG1/6114342
Timothy BellLanguage Centre, Section English MG2/4292722
Dr. Angelika BonczykLanguage Centre, Section English LG1/3482726
Prof. Dr. Beate HampeChair of Language and its Structure (English Linguistics)MG1/6064341
Dr. Susanne HoppeLanguage Centre, Section EnglishMG1/5192727
Kerstin HowaldtEnglish LiteratureMG1/6144234
Stephanie KarlLanguage Acquisition and Language Teaching (English)MG1/6134332
Prof. Dr. Petra KirchhoffChair of Language Acquisition and Language Teaching (English)MG1/6174331
Barbara KuntzeLanguage Centre, Section EnglishMG2/4302724
Dr. Verena LaschingerAmerican LiteratureMG1/6024233
Dr. Frank LorenzLanguage and its Structure (English Linguistics)MG1/6104322
Prof. Dr. Kai MertenEnglish LiteratureMG1/7184231
Bianca MohrLanguage Acquisition and MultilingualismMG1/5124335
Antonia PurkAmerican LiteratureMG1/6144232
Prof. Dr. Ilka SaalChair of American LiteratureMG1/6184241
Prof. Dr. Gila SchauerChair of English and Applied LinguisticsMG1/6084321
Dr. Sandra Stadler-HeerLanguage Acquisition and Language Teaching (English)MG1/6094334
David TaylorLanguage Centre, Section EnglishMG2/4192717
Beate WalterLanguage Centre, Section EnglishMG2/4262721
Dr. Sam WisemanEnglish Literature

Teachers at schools


Dial-In Code: +49 361 737-

Administration Anglistik
Yvonne Kirmse
Chair of American Literature
Chair of English Literature
Chair of Language and its Structure (English Linguistics)
Susanne Grimm
Chair of English and Applied Linguistics
Chair of Language Acquisition and Language Teaching
Kristin ScharnowskiLanguage Centre, Section EnglishMG2/4162700

Former Professors

Former professors
Prof. Dr. Hans Ullrich BoasChair of English Linguistics - Structure of the English Languageemeritus
Prof. Dr. Annick De HouwerChair of Language Acquisition and Language Teachingnew chair
Prof. Dr. Eberhard KleinChair of Language Acquisition and Language Teachingemeritus
Prof. Dr. Karlfried KnappChair of English and Applied Linguisticsemeritus
Prof. Dr. Fritz-Wilhelm NeumannChair of English Literatureemerits
Prof. Dr. Hans-Wolfgang SchallerChair of American Literatureemeritus



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