20. Jan 2022, 2.15 pm - 5.00 pm | Studies, Central events

Die Zukunft der Vorlesung

eTeach Team University of Erfurt
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Lecturers at the University of Erfurt

The eTeach team at the University of Erfurt invites teachers at the University to an exchange on "Die Zukunft der Vorlesung" (The Future of the Lecture). The kick-off event will take place online via Webex.

At the opening event, teachers from the University of Erfurt will present good practice examples for the design of lectures. These will provide an introduction to the topic and give impulses for (further) discussion. We will also provide an insight into the (new) media technology options at the University of Erfurt with regard to the digitally supported implementation of lectures.

About the event

In the past semester(s), we have experienced that lectures can be held at a distance in time and/or space with the help of digital tools and platforms. Even though the Corona pandemic continues to keep us on our toes and university 'normal operation' is not (yet) in sight, the question now is how lectures can and should be designed in the future on the basis of these experiences:

  • Which approaches and concepts have proven successful and could also be enriching for lectures in a post-pandemic era?
  • How can 'classic' face-to-face lectures be enriched by media support - also or especially against the background of heterogeneity-sensitive teaching?
  • How can we successfully design the lecture format from the point of view of higher education didactics? To what extent are concepts such as flipped classroom or other blended learning scenarios useful?
  • What technical possibilities and support structures does the University of Erfurt currently offer and to what extent are there further needs? 

The event takes place online. To participate please enter the Webex room of the eTeach Team.