28. Sep 2021, 10.15 am - 5.00 pm | Internal service, University, Central events

Workshop: Diversity Audit - On the way to an inclusive university

Diversity Officer
various speakers
Event type
for members of the University of Erfurt

As part of the Diversity Audit, the University of Erfurt invites all members and university staff to this workshop.

In addition to the general view of diversity, the focus will be on the question of where the University of Erfurt is positioned with regard to the topics of diversity and inclusion and how it can be strengthened on the way to becoming an inclusive, diversity-sensitive university. We will also discuss how monitoring and evaluation instruments for diversity and inclusion could be designed and how the visibility of diversity and inclusion can be increased. We can announce competent contributions from our university and look forward to Professor Dr. Andrea D. Bührmann from the University of Göttingen, who will accompany us as an overall auditor.

The exact programme will be announced later, but registration is already possible. All you need to do is send an informal e-mail to the Diversity Officer, Niklas Radenbach (diversitaet@uni-erfurt.de).

further information / contact / registration for the workshop:

Niklas Radenbach
Diversity Officer
Verwaltungsgebäude / room 1.24