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The Brandt School Welcomes Professor Robles-Carrillo as a Visiting Professor

The Willy Brandt School of Public Policy welcomes Professor Margarita Robles-Carrillo from the University of Granada in Spain as a Visiting Professor in Summer 2024.

Professor Robles-Carrillo is a Full Professor of Public International Law and European Union Law at the University of Granada (Spain). She holds a PhD in Law and a Master's Degree in International and European Legal Studies from the European University Institute of Florence.

Professor Robles-Carrillo

Professor Robles-Carrillo's research focuses on Cybersecurity, Digital Law, AI, International and European Law. She has also extensively researched International and European Law, particularly European institutions and policies, cooperation in security and defense, gender and security issues, universal jurisdiction, and the application of International and European Law to cyberspace and the digital ecosystem.

She is a member of the Network Engineering & Security Group (NESG) as well as the Independent Expert Group of the 2019 National Cybersecurity Strategy of Spain and a member of the Cybersecurity Laboratory for the Parliaments of the Americas of the Organization of American States. Additionally, she is a member of the Advanced Cybersecurity Research Laboratory of the University of Granada and the coordinator of the Master in Cybersecurity at this University.

The Brandt School is pleased to have Professor Robles-Carrillo as a Visiting Professor and wishes her all the best.