PhD at the Brandt School

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Prospective doctoral students with a graduate degree, above-average grades and a strong research proposal in one of our five research clusters are invited to apply for doctoral studies at the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy.

If you wish to apply for doctoral studies at the Brandt School, you should first make sure that your research interest fits within one of our fields of expertise. These are clustered into five research areas:

Global Public Policy

Development and Socio-Economic Policies

Conflict Studies and Management

Entrepreneurship and Public Policy

Methods of Public Policy

Doctoral studies at the Brandt School focus on individual research projects, which are closely supervised by a member of our academic staff. There is no binding curriculum that needs to be completed during doctoral studies. However, doctoral students are required to take part in the monthly research colloquia at the Brandt School, which gives candidates the opportunity to present and discuss their research. We also encourage our doctoral students to participate in conferences and, for more advanced doctoral students, to teach at the Brandt School.

To get an impression of what our PhD students are doing, please browse them based on their research area or in our list of all PhD students

Please note that we are currently not offering any PhD scholarships or doctoral positions. However, you may of course contact our professors directly if you are interested in a self-financed PhD.


Doctoral studies at the Brandt School fall under the Doctoral Regulations for the Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Erfurt. 

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Graduate Funding

The University of Erfurt offers a variety of funding opportunities for doctoral students. 

Research in Germany gives an overview  different options for funding a PhD in Germany.