Investigating the Systemic Impacts of the Global Energy Transition (ISIGET)

Coal being sold by the roadside

Project Description

The international energy transition is already delivering numerous benefits, but it is also creating new inequalities. The risks posed by this transformation will impact especially on developing countries, which lack access to technologies and capital. What, then, can be done to ensure that these countries can also make the transition to a low-carbon economy? The ISIGET project aims at developing recommendations for equitable forms of governance to reconcile conflicting policy goals.

ISIGET belongs to the research group 'Investigating the Systemic Impacts of the Global Energy Transition' at the IASS Potsdam







New article published by Andreas Goldthau and Nick Sitter in the latest volume of Policy & Society.

New article in the magazine "KoBra Brasilicum" published by our PhD student Karina Marzano.


In his OpEd for the Süddeutsche Zeitung’s Forum, Professor Andreas Goldthau argues that green industrial policy needs to go hand in hand with open markets. Short of that, learning curves will flatten.


The brief elaborates on the challenges faced by the coal-dependent Indian state of Jharkhand in clean energy transition.

After publishing his article "Protect global supply chains for low-carbon technologies" in Nature, Prof. Dr. Andreas Goldthau offered his take on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the clear-energy transition to the University of Erfurt's…

COVID-19’s effects have caused global supply chains to buckle and break. Of the many sectors affected, one is particularly worrying — low-carbon energy.

Students from Professor Goldthaus Energy Transition Course, together with the IASS Potsdam, developed recommendations on how countries of the Global South should deal with the EU climate policy, more precisely possible carbon taxes.

"Petrostates don’t have a resilient strategy for the post-carbon age", Professor Andreas Goldthau tells Austria’s Kurier on August 15th, 2020.