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Populism and a New Age of International Fragility: Seeking Policy Innovations 40 Years After the Brandt Report

Forty years ago, many observers hoped that the famous ‘Brandt Report’ would kick-start a different approach to global policymaking, one based on the ideas of multilateralism and humanitarianism and the obsolescence of divisions such as ‘North’ and ‘South’. While much has been achieved since then, the rise of national populism now severely questions the international multilateral order. The Brandt School used the 40th anniversary of the Brandt Report as an occasion to rethink the implications of these new challenges for policy making on all levels, i.e., local, national, and global, and to discuss if and how new modes of policymaking can address them.

We have invited our uniquely international alumni body to submit contributions with insights from their practical experience or ongoing research projects to contribute and address some of these issues. As a result, fifteen authors from nine countries have written and collaborated for the preparation of a final volume that is, in many ways, a testament to the Brandt School’s internationality. We present you “Populism and a New Age of International Fragility: Seeking Policy Innovations 40 Years After the Brandt Report.”

The publication was launched with an online session including a panel discussion with four of the contributors, as part of the Opening of the Academic Year 2020. You can watch the recording of this online publication launch below:


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Papers and Articles

Our alumni are actively advancing the field of public policy through their academic research. They have published in a variety of journals, written policy papers and have published their own books. Below you can find a selection of our alumni's previously published works and get an idea of the fields our alumni's research focuses on.

Book Contributions

In Prof. Heike Grimm’s new book “Public Policy Research in the Global South. A Cross-Country Perspective” (2019, Springer), you can find contributions from the following alumni:

  • Atif Ikram Butt (2004 – 2006) wrote the chapters on “Public Policy and Ideation” and “Ideational Leadership and Legislation: The Right to Free and Compulsory Education in Pakistan.”
  • Juan David Rivera Acevedo and Jorge Sellare (2012 – 2014) co-authored the chapter “The Rise of Policy-Making and Public Policy Research in Colombia.”
  • Raphael Robiatti (2013 – 2015) wrote the chapter on “Re-democratization and the Rise of Public Policy as an Academic Discipline in Brazil: Push or Pull?”.
  • Frank Amissa (2012 – 2014) contributed with the chapter “The Role and Activities of Policy Institutes for Participatory Governance in Ghana.” 
  • Lamin O. Ceesay (2012 – 2014) wrote the chapter “The Influence of Supra-Institutions in Policy Making in Developing Countries: The Case of a Donor-Funded Community-Driven Development Program in the Gambia.”
  • Fernando Luis Ramirez Gonzalez (2015 – 2017) prepared the chapter “Entrepreneurship Education and the Promotion of Startup Development: The Case of Pilar, Paraguay.”