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Students complete the MPP program by writing a Master thesis. They research and analyze a specific problem in public policy in depth. Aided by a colloquium and assisted by a supervisor, students conduct a study with a distinct practical orientation on a particular policy issue.

The usual length of the thesis is 25.000 words. The time frame for completion is five months.

Below you find some examples of topics of master’s theses submitted to the MPP Examinations Committee in the past.

Global Public Policy

  • The Human Rights Impacts of the Energy Transition in Africa
  • Climate Change Related Emotions and Pro-Environmental Actions
  • Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanisms and Policy Compliance
  • Attitudes Towards Renewable Energy in Non-OECD Countries
  • Asia-Africa Growth Corridor’s role as a geoeconomic rival to Belt and Road Initiative
  • European Neighbourhood Policy and Democratic Development in Eastern Partnership Countries
  • Exploring Variation in Carbon Pricing Regulations in Canada. A Comparative Case Study of Ontario and Quebec
  • Financing the Energy Transition. Determinants of Renewable Energy Investment in Developing Economies

Development and Socio-Economic Policy

  • Labour Market Integration of Refugees in Germany
  • Impact of Poverty and Inequality on Child Education in Developing Countries
  • The Potential of Assistive Technology in the Practice of Inclusive Education
  • Financial Savings Behavior. Examining the Role of Culture and Policy Implication
  • Microfinance: A Small Step or a Quantum Jump? Analysis and Findings from the Women-led Self-Help Groups
  • The Impact of Financial Liberalization on Economic Growth. A Fixed Effect and Generalized Method of Moment Analysis
  • Initiatives fostering technological Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: A way to boost innovation in Africa?
  • The Role of Family Planning in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in Pakistan. Good Health, Wellbeing and Gender Equality

Conflict Studies and Management

  • Small Arms Control and the Continuity of Gender-based Violence
  • Mental Health and Armed Conflict in Colombia
  • Arts-Based Approaches to Transitional Justice
  • Diasporas and Intra-State Conflict: Examining the Influence of Host Countries. Kurdish Diaspora Activism During the European Migration Crisis
  • Hybrid Warfare in Ukraine. Applying Mearsheimer’s Offensive Neorealism to Explain the Case of Ukraine
  • The Impact of Transnational Organized Crime in Germany. A Study of the Italian Mafia and Clans of Middle Eastern Origin
  • Indigenous Communities and Land Rights. Conflict between state law and customary law in the Philippines?
  • On the Brink of Escalation. Framers-Herders Conflict in Nigeria

Non-Profit Management and Social Entrepreneurship

  • Identifying Patterns of Corruption in Public Procurement in Ecuador
  • Advocacy Strategies of Environmental NGOs
  • Human Rights and Culture. The Fight for the Girl Child against Female Genital Mutilation in Ghana
  • The Impact of Behavioural Aspects on Micro and Small Firms’ Performance in Developing Countries. An Analysis of Panel Data from Uganda
  • Institutional Complexity, Environmental Context and Social Entrepreneurship in Ghana. The Influence of Institutional Context on Social Entrepreneurship
  • Politisches Spitzenbeamtentum in den neuen Bundesländern: Ein abgeschlossener Transformationsprozess?
  • The Relation between Non-Governmental Organizations and Law Enforcement Agencies in the Combat against Wildlife Crimes and Corruption. The Case of the Natural Resource Conservation Network

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