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Studierende am Eingangsbereich der Universität Erfurt

“If you want to study well, go to Erfurt.” Whether this quote can actually be ascribed to Martin Luther remains a matter of debate among academics to this day. What matters, however, is this: The saying is true. Nobody is capable of doing nothing but studying, and fortunately Erfurt and the surrounding areas offer a number of ways to spend your free time and make your life beyond the books more pleasant.

On the pages that follow, we will present Erfurt and the university’s own schedule of events. Tips on accommodations, the cafeteria’s dining menu, the University Sports Club offerings, noteworthy venues in Erfurt, and ways to get involved – be it in student organizations or on one of many committees – can be found here as well.

Claudia Behnke, last update: 28.03.2019



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