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Scholarships for PhD students and postdocs are awarded regularly by the CEREB. If you are interested in being supported, you should have an excellent university degree in any of the disciplines central to the CEREB and you should aim at accomplishing a dissertation/habilitation in one of those areas.

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Besides conducting their own research, PhD students and postdocs at the CEREB are integrated into cross-disciplinary research teams. They receive, next to individual mentoring, the following support: an interdisciplinary doctoral colloquium once a week, a workshop once a semester, and three short lectures per year. In addition they are offered exchange possibilities with European universities, financial support for participation in conferences, and potential financial support for empirical research.

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Interdisciplinary Doctoral Colloquium

Research projects of PhD students and postdocs will be regularly presented in the doctoral colloquium, the place where researchers of the CEREB meet once a week (Thursday, 12-2, p.m.). Research projects can be presented in all different phases (from the conception to the final stage). There is a regular exchange and a constant mutual team support for PhD students and post-docs in all phases of their preparation for either an academic or non-academic career.

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Once a semester, there is a CEREB workshop which usually takes half a day. More elaborated research projects are presented and excellent external guest lecturers are invited. The 9th CEREB workshop takes place in July 2009.

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Short Lectures

Three short lectures are offered per year, consisting of three lectures of 90 minutes each. Besides supporting the academic training of the PhD students and the post-docs, the short lecture program enhances the interdisciplinary collaboration of the members of the CEREB. Contents of the short lectures are issues from the field of statistics, methods or new areas.

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Exchange Possibilities with European Universities

PhD students and postdocs of the CEREB are offered the possibility to conduct their research at one of the cooperating institutes abroad (three months to one semester). This enables PhD students to work closely with members of the cooperating institutes and to expand and foster their network.

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Financial Support for Participation in Conferences

Each PhD student and post-doc of the CEREB has money at his/her disposal to present current research projects at national or international conferences.

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External Guest Lecturers

Lectures by external speakers are held in order to train PhD students and postdocs further and to foster research collaborations of the members.

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