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Unterricht mal anders – Stapelsteine als kreatives didaktisches Medium

13. Jun 2023, 4.00 pm - 6.00 pm
Lernwerkstatt (Audimaxgebäude)
Helene Albrecht and Theresa Gabriel, students at the University of Erfurt
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Open workshop on the topic "Teaching with a difference - stacking stones as a creative didactic medium" with Helene Albrecht and Theresa Gabriel, students of the University of Erfurt, in the Lernwerkstatt.

Whether in German, English or Mathematics lessons, stacking blocks offer a variety of uses for the classroom. This still relatively unknown medium is the focus of our workshop and also promotes social competence as well as the structuring of lessons. According to the motto: "For more movement, play and fantasy in children's everyday life", stacking stones can also be used to integrate these aspects into the classroom. With the help of this medium, familiar lesson contents can be moved and implemented in a playful way. Have you become curious? Then come by and dive into the world of stacking blocks together with us.