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The Intelligibility in Context Scale (ICS-G digital) - Investigation of German norm data in children with and without speech sound disorders (3;0-5;11 years)

  • Duration: 2020-2024
  • Objectives: To collect German norm data for the intelligibility of children (n=600) with and without speech sound disorders (SSD) by using the digital ICS-G.
  • Method: The not yet published digital version of the ICS-G (McLeod et al., 2012) is getting revised for the use of investigation. Hereby, norm data of children with and without SSD (3;0-5;11 y.; n = 600) is getting collected. Parallel to that, data of the digital version of the ICS is getting compared with the paper-pencil-version and validated. The following diagnostic procedures are used: PLAKSS-II (Fox-Boyer, 2014), ICS-G (McLeod et al., 2012), KiddyCAT-G (Vanryckeghem & Brutten, 2007), FOCUS-G (Thomas-Stonell et al., 2012). Based on phonetic transcription, analysis through PCC, PICC, PVC and PPC takes place. Laypersons will assess the intelligibility of the children. This data is getting correlated with the results of the ICF-oriented assessments.
  • Cooperations:
    Professor Dr. Sharynne McLeod, Charles Sturt University, Bathurst/Australia, Anniek van Doorniek-van der Zee, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht,
    Dr Hayo R. Terband & Professor Ellen Gerrits, Utrecht University,
    Dr Annette Fox-Boyer, University of Lübeck
  • Funding: Damsté-Terpstra Foundation voor praktische en preventieve Logopedie (5100,-€)
  • Contact persons: Lisa Schäuble, Professor Dr Sandra Neumann

Course of the research project ICS-G digital


Start of the 2nd data collection

Once again, children aged 3-5 with and without speech sound disorders will be recruited to participate. The cooperation with speech therapy practices will also be further expanded.


Pause of the project

The 1st data collection is completed. The project is taking a break due to parental leave.


Start of the 1st data collection

Data collection in the project has begun. In cooperation with speech therapy practices and kindergartens, data is collected from children with and without speech sound disorders. The speech sound screenings and diagnostics take place both in presence and online.


Pre-registration with OSF Registries

The project is now pre-registered with OSF Registries. Thus, an adequate research transparency for interested parties can be established.


Completion of the German ICS Digital

The German version of ICS-Digital, developed together with Beexy - Behavioral Experiment Software, is ready and about to be used for its first data collection.


Positive vote of the ethics committee

The Ethics Advisory Board of the University of Erfurt has given a positive verdict on the "ICS-G digital" project. On this basis the final preparations are underway.


Poster presentation at the dbs symposium (online)

In two poster sessions, Lisa Schäuble is presenting her PhD project on the use of the German ICS-Digital. The presenter is looking forward to lively interest and constructive professional exchange.


Start of the doctoral project ICS-G digital

Topic: The use of the Intelligibility in Context Scale (ICS-G digital) in children with and without speech sound disorders (3;0-5;11 years).

Poster presentation

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  • Neumann, S., Schäuble, L. & McLeod, S. (2020). Skala zur Verständlichkeit im Kontext (ICS-G) - Erstes deutsches ICF-CY-basiertes Assessment zur Verständlichkeit von Kindern mit Aussprachestörungen. Forum Logopädie, 34(4), 24-28. DOI: 10.2443/skv-s-2020-53020200404
  • Neumann, S., Rietz, C. & Stenneken, P. (2017). The German Intelligibility in Context Scale (ICS-G): Reliability and Validity Evidence. International Journal of Language & Communication Disorders, 52, 585-594. DOI: 10.1111/1460-6984.12303
  • McLeod, S., Harrison, L. J. & McCormack, J. (2012). Skala zur Verständlichkeit im Kontext: Deutsch [Intelligibility in Context Scale: German] (Sandra Neumann, Ph.D., Trans.). Bathurst, NSW, Australia: Charles Sturt University. Retrieved from

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