University of Erfurt

Erfurt School of Education (ESE)

Erfurt School of Education (ESE)

College of Education and Teacher Preparation

The Erfurt School of Education (ESE) was established in the summer of 2006. It serves as the university’s central office for facilitating and managing all requirements for education and teacher preparation. It combines this preparation with research, further training and a scientific approach to promoting the children of the future. The ESE creates the opportunity for cooperation between all educational institutions for teacher preparation, and through these collaborations, creates national and international networks.

During the winter semester of 2006-2007, the ESE offered its first Master’s of Education program, in which 154 students participated. Since its inception, the master’s program now has around 500 matriculated students per year. In a year, the ESE plans to begin another graduate program for teachers and teacher’s aids working within vocational schools. These and all programs offered by the ESE meet the demands for improved teacher training based on the required new standards within educational science.

We invite students from all German states to apply to our master’s programs. We develop collaborations with schools within Thuringia in order to provide the practical training and support to the schools and our students for continued teaching and educational research.We also offer training opportunities in different areas.


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