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"Frühling der Revolution. Europa 1848/49 und der Kampf für eine neue Welt"

22. Mar 2024, 8.30 pm
Evangelisches Ratsgymnasium, Erfurt
Erfurter Herbstlese association in collaboration with the "Katholisches Forum" Thuringia and the University of Erfurt
Christopher Clark
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reading by Christopher Clark followed by a discussion (moderation: Professor Gerhard Wegner and Professor André Brodocz)

In the spring of 1848, huge crowds gathered seemingly out of nowhere in countless cities from Palermo to Paris and Venice. The political order that had held everything together since Napoleon's defeat collapsed. New political ideas emerged everywhere, new beliefs and expectations were formulated, and they were fiercely fought for. It was about the role of women in society, the end of slavery, national independence and Jewish emancipation. Christopher Clark's book brings this extraordinary era to life with vigour, wit and new insights.

Christopher Clark, Professor of Modern European History at St Catharine's College, Cambridge, wrote an international bestseller with his book on the First World War, "The Sleepwalkers"; the titles "Of Time and Power" and "Prisoners of Time" were also great successes. Christopher Clark is known to a wide television audience as the presenter of the multi-part ZDF documentary series "Deutschland-Saga", "Europa-Saga" and "Welten-Saga".

Admission to the event costs 16 euros (concessions 14 euros // 10 euros for students). Tickets are available at, and at Hugendubel.