Johannes Schmoldt

Dissertation project: "Judgment as a Political Science Category. The Contribution of Political Science and Political Education to the Formation of Political Judgment."

The crisis of democracy is a crisis of political judgment. Citizens distrust the decisions of political leaders, sovereign electoral decisions are denied their "correctness", voters and elected officials see themselves unbalanced in media coverage. The "post-factual age" is often invoked in public debates. This diagnosis of the times confronts political science with its relationship to political education and thus its normative core: education for judgment. The dissertation project draws on conceptual considerations of early German political science after 1945 and aims to make the notion of judgment fruitful as a central concept for political science. Within the framework of the dissertation project, the specific contribution of political science to the promotion of political education with the goal of "education for power of judgment" will be shown against a historical and practical background. Studies / scientific and professional activity

Since 10/2018 doctoral candidate at the Faculty of Economics, Law and Social Sciences at the University of Erfurt with Prof. Dr. Andreas Anter (Chair of Political Education); scholarship holder in the doctoral program of the Hanns-Seidel-Foundation/Munich 10/2016 - 09/2018 Master studies in Philosophy and Political Science at the Technical University of Dortmund (Master of Arts) 03/2017 - 03/2018 Research assistant at the Chair of Political Science of the Institute of Philosophy and Political Science at the Technical University of Dortmund (Prof. Dr. Christoph Schuck) 10/2016 - 12/2016 Research assistant at the Arnold Bergstraesser Institute for Research in Cultural Studies e.V./Freiburg (biography project on Arnold Bergstraesser (Fritz Thyssen Foundation) by Prof. Dr. Günther Behrmann (Potsdam) and Prof. Dr. Dieter Oberndörfer (Rostock) 04/2016 - 10/2016 Freelance employee at MDR Thüringen - Das Radio im Landesfunkhaus Thüringen/Erfurt 10/2013 - 09/2016 Bachelor studies: Economics, Law and Social Sciences and Management at the University of Erfurt (Bachelor of Arts).

Scientific lectures

Pragmatism and Political Science. On the topicality of the democratic educational mission from the perspective of ideas and disciplinary history. First conference of the German Pragmatism Network on "Living Democracy? The Future of Democracy.", May 28, 2021 (online).

The Knowledge of Judgment. Political action and decision-making in the tension between experience and evidence. Spring Conference of the Political Sociology Section of the German Sociological Association (DGS). July 17, 2020. online conference. Speech skills as a learning goal? On the rhetorical dimension of political judgment in the context of democracy education in political science teaching. Fifth Annual Conference of the Working Group on University Teaching in the German Political Science Association (DVPW), February 18, 2020, Berlin.

"Hard boards, thick walls": the little drilling ABC of democracy. 5th Erfurt Science Slam. November 20, 2019,

Rhetoric as the language of politics or: "The struggle for hotness" as a problem of political science. DGfP Graduate Conference at the 37th Annual Meeting of the German Political Science Association (DGfP), Academy for Political Education Tutzing, July 12, 2019. Normative, diverse, forgotten? - Ideas of the Freiburg School. Lecture at the research colloquium of the professorship Political Theory and History of Ideas, TU Chemnitz, June 27, 2017.


(with Nora Becker) "Figure it out!": Multiple Identities, in: Hans, Anna / Herbst, Jan-Hendrik / Többen, Anna: My Religious Education in a Plural Society. On the Relationship between Church and State (Grades 10-13). With the employees Nora Becker and Johannes Schmoldt (EinFach Religion). Braunschweig: Westermann. 2021, S. 56-64.


Summer semester 2021. philosophical foundations of political education. University of Erfurt.

Summer Semester 2020. philosophy and the practice of rhetoric. University of Erfurt (together with Prof. Dr. Heinrich Niehues-Pröbsting).

Winter semester 2019/2020. judging politics, but how? Theory and practice of judgment. University of Erfurt. Winter semester 2017/2018. tutorial for the lecture "Introduction to Political Science" (Prof. Dr. Christoph Schuck/Dr. Kathrin Rucktäschel), TU Dortmund University, 2 sessions per week).