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Master thesis

1. How can I write my master's thesis?

The Master's thesis is usually written in the last Master's degree year. 

As a rule, there are the following application and submission deadlines: 

In Summer semester:

by 15 March: complete application to the Dean's Office
Issue of the approved topic by 1 April --> Processing time 5 months
Submission of the thesis by 31 August 

In Winter seminar:

by 15 September: complete application to the Dean's Office
Issue of the approved topic by 1 October --> Processing time 5 months
Submission of the thesis by 28 February 
Deviations are only possible in exceptional cases and upon justified application!

This should be discussed in advance with the respective examiner/supervisor of the Master's thesis. For more information on the examiner/supervisor, see 5. 

2. In which field of study do I have to write my Master's thesis and do I have to register it?

The Master's thesis is a written or artistic-practical examination performance with which the candidate is to show that he/she is able to independently work on a problem from the chosen Master's programme within a specified time using scientific methods and to present the results in an appropriate manner.

The topic of the Master's thesis must be related to the Master's programme.

The Master's thesis must be registered in writing using the form.

The topic of the Master's thesis and the reviewers are determined by the examination board. The candidate may express a wish for a topic. The topic is issued by the Dean's Office. The topic and date are to be recorded.

3. What is the scope of a master's thesis and how long do I have?

4. How many LPs are obtained by successfully completing a master's thesis?

The final module has a value of 30 LP. This consists of 27 LP for the MA thesis itself and 3 LP for an ungraded colloquium.


5. Who can supervise my master's thesis?

6) What is the grade and when did I pass?

The Master's thesis is passed if the calculated grade is at least 4.00 or two out of three examiners assess the thesis as "sufficient", in which case the grade is at least 4.00. The grade is calculated from the average of the assessments. The first two decimal places after the decimal point are taken into account, all other places are deleted without rounding. The grade of the Master's thesis is thus calculated as follows: The assessments of the examiners are added and divided by the number of examiners.


What form do I have to submit my Master's thesis in?

8. Can I change or add to the title of my work?

9) How is my grade calculated and when will I receive it?

10) How often can I repeat the MA thesis if I fail?

11) Who do I consult if the supervisor of my MA thesis is ill?

12) What do I do if I become ill during this time?

13) How can I apply for an extension of the processing time?

14) Where can I find the application for the Master's thesis, the framework examination regulations of the University of Erfurt and the study regulations of Economics, Law and Social Sciences?

Administration of the M Examination Committee

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