Internship in B-PO-IntB-Ha-2021 and B-PO-Sta-HN-2021

The following should be noted for the internship modules in the examination and study regulations B-PO-IntB-Ha-2021 and B-PO-Sta-HN-2021:

The internship serves to gain practical experience with intra-organisational processes and structures, the application of specialised knowledge in professional practice and the reflection of the references between studies and professional practice. It is intended to enable students to gain independent access to a professional field, to critically examine their professional goals and to assess the possibilities of achieving these goals more realistically.

The following must be observed when taking the internship module:

  1. Find a suitable internship institution and arrange an interview with the respective mentor. Ideas for internship places can be found here.
  2. If required and where applicable: In order to increase application chances for sought-after internship positions, the Dean's Office will issue a letter for the internship position upon request, confirming that the internship is significant for the success of the studies.
  3. Interview with mentor. This interview is obligatory and should help to ensure that
    1. the chosen internship institution is a good match for the internship module in question,
    2. the (minimum) number of hours required for the successful completion of the internship module is guaranteed,
    3. the internship promises valuable experience of concrete professional practice through active participation,
    4. it is possible to apply the knowledge acquired in the course of study and to reflect on the relationship between study and professional practice,
    5. concrete topics and fields of work are named which can be proposed to the internship institution for the arrangement of the internship, and
    6. the internship fits sensibly into the individual study and career planning and/or can provide new impulses for this.
  4. If necessary, further discussion: The other lecturers of the faculty are also available for supportive counselling.
  5. Fill out the form for the agreement and confirmation of an internship and have it confirmed by the respective mentor.
  6. Take the relevant internship module via E.L.V.I.S. in good time (depending on the time, it may also make sense to take the internship in the following semester).
  7. Completing the internship.
  8. Have the internship institution confirm completion of the internship on the Internship Agreement and Confirmation Form and submit the form to the mentor.

It is possible to arrange a meeting with the responsible mentor or another teacher to reflect on the insights gained and the implications for the further career path after the internship.

Information on the internship module BF SPS R "School Practical Studies - Regular School" can be found here.

(Relevant for students who are aiming for admission to the MEd programme Regelschule or Berufsbildende Schulen with the school subject Social Studies and therefore have to complete this internship as a compulsory part of the Social Sciences major in the BA Staatswissenschaften instead of the social science professional field internship).