Internships under the framework examination regulations B-RPO-2010 and M-RPO-2010

  1. Find a suitable internship institution and contact the desired internship supervisor. You can find ideas for internships here.
  2. Fill out the internship agreement and confirmation form and have it confirmed by the respective internship supervisor.
  3. Take the relevant internship module via E.L.V.I.S. in good time.
  4. Have the internship institution confirm the completion of the internship on the Internship Agreement and Confirmation Form.
  5. Write the internship report and submit it to the internship supervisor in printed form (stapling with a file dupe/stapling strip is sufficient) and digitally (via e-mail in PDF format) no later than 6 weeks after completion of the internship.
  6. The form for the agreement and confirmation of an internship and, if applicable, the performance certificate (only applies to StuFu internships) are to be attached to the report.