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Faculty: Welcome at the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Law, Social Sciences, and Economics

Welcome to our Faculty of Law, Social Sciences & Law

Blick auf die Staatswissenschaftliche Fakultät

Our department “Staatswissenschaften” combines the studies of Law, Social Sciences and Economics into an innovative program. Starting in the year 2000, the University of Erfurt was the first German university to offer such an interdisciplinary program. The program is meant to teach our students how to analyze the diverse globalization processes and how to respond to the new challenges our society faces by adopting this interdisciplinary perspective.

 Research at the department of “Staatswissenschaften” addresses fundamental theoretical questions in the fields of Economics, Social Sciences as well as Law. For example, it deals with the changes in the political and economic system under the structural influences of the EU, as well as with the political, economic and legal instruments of crisis management.


 At the department of “Staatswissenschaften” prospective students may earn various degrees:

(1) a BA in “Staatswissenschaften” (including Economics, Law, Management, Social Scienes and International Relations), (2) a MA in “Staatswissenschaften”, as well as (3) a MA in the International program Master of Public Policy at the Willy Brandt School. These programs offer a great opportunity for our approximately 800 students to adopt an interdisciplinary perspective towards the challenges of the 21st century.







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