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About the degree programme

Interdisciplinary perspectives

Studierende der Staatswissenschaften

With our MA programme Economics, Law and Social Sciences we pursue the aim to foster a new generation of young scientists, decision makers and active citizens. We are convinced that the social issues of the 21st century can no longer be solved from a single perspective, but require interdisciplinary approaches. For this reason our MA programme brings together the disciplines of economics, law, and social sciences (political sciences, sociology). This is an opportunity for the graduate students of our highly successful BA programme Economics, Law and Social Sciences to continue their education, but also an invitation to graduates from other degree programmes to develop and deepen interdisciplinary perspectives on social issues. 

An emphasis on student autonomy

What distinguishes our degree programme from similar programmes is that it is based on student autonomy. Our students can chose their modules freely from a wide range of fields of study offered by the University of Erfurt. This allows them to set their own focus. We offer our students an opportunity to develop their own profile and to pursue their personal interests in regard to a later PhD thesis or their preferred area of work. Through personal counselling (e.g. mentoring programmes, small classes of 8-20 students on average, self-study units and scientific colloquia) we aim to support and guide our students on their way.
Our degree programme is directed towards students, who, besides having previous knowledge in the field, display a high degree of interest, self-reliance and motivation in order to make the best use of the available opportunities and to enrich seminars and lectures with their own ideas and questions, thus making them productive and rewarding to all participants.



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