University of Erfurt

Application and admission

Formal requirements

In general the requirements for admission to the MA programme Economics, Law and Social Sciences follow the definitions laid out by § 8 M-RPO of the University of Erfurt.
Furthermore, we expect an above average BA degree in a related primary field of study (such as Economics, Law, and Social Sciences) with at least 60 credit points, as well as a secondary field of study (Economics, Law, or Social Sciences) with at least 30 credit points.
In case of any deviations from these requirements (i.e., less than 30 credit points in a secondary field of study) an admission is still possible. The examination office will assign compulsory BA modules to suitable candidates.

Cover letter

Students that do not meet the programme related requirements (in particular an above average BA degree or sufficient credit points in two disciplines relevant to Economics, Law, and Social Sciences) may include a brief cover letter in their application (approx. 1-2 pages), in which they provide information on their motivation, interests and goals relating to the study programme. Cover letters are considered by the examination office when deciding on the admission.

Language requirements

Classes are held in German and English. Applicants are expected to possess appropriate skills in both German and English, as these are required for successful participation in classes. Students are required to improve eventual deficits prior and during their studies on their own accord. The language centre offers various classes (e.g., German as a foreign language or various English classes). Certificates and other proof of language skills can be submitted together with the application.


Applications can be made for the winter and summer semester. The application deadline is 1 April through 15 July for the winter semester and 1 October through 15 January for the summer semester. Applications must be submitted including the following:
 • a completed application form
 • the proofs requested in the application form

In addition, the application may include the following (in particular if there are deviations from the entry requirements of the programme):
 • a cover letter
 • language certificates
 • credentials of prior education, internships or relevant professional experience

Applications must be handed in by the deadline to the following address:

Universität Erfurt
Abteilung Studium und Lehre
Postfach 900211
99105 Erfurt



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