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Making new Faith In/Visible: Religious Movements and Urban Space

6. Jun 2024 - 7. Jun 2024
Research building "Weltbeziehungen" (C19)
KFG “Religion and Urbanity: Reciprocal Formations”
Professor Dr Susanne Rau, Professor Dr Martina Stercken, Dr Klara-Maeve O'Reilly
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International workshop with Professor Susanne Rau (University of Erfurt), Professor Martina Stercken (University of Zurich) and Dr Klara-Maeve O'Reilly (University of Erfurt).

The workshop considers the visibility – and invisibility – of religious movements as an important if underexposed aspect in research on the reciprocal formation of religion and urbanity. It explores how new religious groups in towns and cities make themselves in/visible or are made in/visible. By doing so, the workshop also considers the impact this had on the urban space and its multifarious conceptions. The workshop brings together approaches from sociology, historical and cultural studies: The modes of appropriating and creating space will be discussed; visibility will be considered as premise of social interaction and the perception of difference; and medial strategies employed to display or hide religious beliefs are investigated.

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