Graduate Services at the University of Erfurt

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The University of Erfurt offers doctoral students and postdocs a comprehensive range of cross-institutional services. These include the promotion and development of career paths, extended services in the university library and academic further education opportunities.

If you have general questions, please contact the team of the Research and Graduate Services.

For Early Stage Researchers

General Regulations for Doctorates

The general regulations for doctorates at the University of Erfurt as well as the doctoral regulations of the faculties and the Max-Weber-College can be found here.

Structured PhD in the Erfurt Doctoral and Postdoctoral Programme (EPPP) | leaflets and forms

Supervision Agreement | Notes and Sample Templates

Scholarships | Leaflets and Forms

University Internal Graduate Funding | Leaflets and Forms

Use of the Research and University Library

Doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers in an EPPP- certified graduate centre (full members) have access to extended services of the University Library Erfurt and Research Library Gotha. For further information, please contact the service office of the Research and Graduate Services.

Graduate Houses

Doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers with a scholarship from the University of Erfurt can use workplaces in the graduate houses ("Haus 38" on the grounds of the Helios-Klinikum, "House of Projects" and "Graduate Lounge" directly on campus). As common places, all houses are intended to promote interdisciplinary networking between young scientists from different disciplines.

The houses offer the best working possibilities with modern equipped offices. All houses also have a lounge, which can be used as a lounge as well as a common seminar and work room.

Childcare in Erfurt

The Equal Opportunities and Family Office of the University of Erfurt provides a flyerfor early stage researcher with information about childcare options. For further information please contact the Equal Opportunities and Family Office (

For Caregivers / Authorized Caregivers