The Christoph Martin Wieland Graduate Forum

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The Graduate Forum bundles the existing programmes, structures and units relating to young researchers and ensures quality assurance across all institutions. It coordinates and supports the academic supervision of people interested in a doctorate, doctoral students and postdocs. At the same time, it serves to further develop doctoral formats and the promotion of graduates.

"Forum" stands for an openly structure, able to continously respond to new challenges and developments:

  • for a higher quality of support for people interested in a doctorate, doctoral students and postdocs,
  • for optimal cooperation between the various agents involved in the graduate service at the University of Erfurt,
  • for a more targeted non-material and financial support,
  • for new formats of support and scientific supervision.

The forum consists of four levels:

  • the academic responsibility in the faculties or the Max Weber Kolleg and in the Graduate Centres of the university,
  • people interested in a doctorate, doctoral students and postdocs,
  • the various agents of graduate service and the staff unit Research and Graduate Service
  • the academic governance.

The committees of the academic governance advise the various academic institutions, the Senate and the Presidium.

The Academic Governance

The academic governance of the CMW Forum consists of:

as well as the Vice President for Research and Graduate Service as representative of the Presidium, the Head of the staff unit Research Graduate Service, the Equal Opportunities Officer and the Diversity Officer.

The Forum Discussions

Doctoral students and postdocs at the university are invited to participate in the Forum Discussions, helping to improve the services in the field of graduate service. Here they will be informed by the Vice President for Research and Graduate Service about current topics of the Graduate Forum and will be given the opportunity to give their own fresh impetus to further development of graduate funding.

Dates: The forum discussions take place once a semester. If you would like to attend the forum discussions on a regular basis, we will be happy to send you an invitation. Please send an e-mail to

Doctoral Award

The Doctoral Prize of the Christoph Martin Wieland Graduate Forum, which has been awarded every two years since 2019, honours outstanding dissertations by young scientists submitted to the University of Erfurt, which are distinguished by their scientific excellence and research-relevant significance. One dissertation per faculty or Max Weber Kolleg can be nominated. The award includes a prize money of 3,000 euros for the first place and 500 euros each for the second places and is donated by the University Society. The honouring will take place during a festive award ceremony.

Further information on dates, the award ceremony as well as previous winners and nominees can be found here.


The ombudsperson mediates in the event of conflicts and provides advice in other problems arising during the doctoral phase. They are an independent and neutral place to go for all doctoral students and supervisors at the University of Erfurt.

Prof. Dr. Kai Brodersen


Lucas Rischkau
Lucas Rischkau
Doctorate Advice | Graduate Service
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