Wednesday, 1 March to Friday, 3 March 2023

Interdisciplinary conference

Veit Ludwig von Seckendorff. Politics, Scholarship and Nobility in the 17th Century

Chair: Jacob Schilling, M.A. (Halle) and PD Dr. Monika Müller (Gotha Department)

Organiser: Gotha Research Library

Venue: Hall of Mirrors

The conference will be held in German.


Thursday, 27 to Saturday, 29 April 2023


Multilingualism, Translation, Transfer: Persian in the Ottoman Empire

Chair: Prof. Dr. Philip Bockholt (Münster), Prof. Dr. Hülya Çelik (Bochum), Prof. Dr. Ludwig Paul (Hamburg), Dr. Ani Sargsyan (Hamburg)

Organisers: DFG Priority Programme Transottomanica and Gotha Research Library

Venue: Lecture Hall, Schlossberg 2