University of Erfurt

Projekt von Christopher Mapes M.A.

Germany's Slavery Problem from the Enlightenment to the Second Reich, 1775-1890 Christopher Mapes

My project addresses the significant absence of historical research on the active role played by Prussians and the Hansastädte in the slave trade, discussions of slavery and race, abolition movements, and emancipation events across the Atlantic world between 1750 and 1884. It is interdisciplinary, bringing together the contributions of researchers working on slavery, labor, migration, religious studies, and Globalgeschichte. This project explores German conceptions of slavery and asks if there was a significant change in how Germans viewed Atlantic slavery from the late Enlightenment to the end of the nineteenth century. I intend to draw from resources at the Sammlung Perthes, the Auswandererbriefe aus Nordamerika, the collection of rare books, and the active community of scholars at the research library at Gotha to recover the interaction of Germans with Atlantic slavery and their contribution to abolition.



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